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Welcome to

Welcome to the website of jazz photographer Michael Wilderman. Here are some samples of my photos from the broad spectrum of music known as "jazz":

Image Map DeDe Pierce of Preservation Hall Benny Carter Roy Eldridge Benny Goodman Ella Fitzgerald Dizzy Gillespie Dexter Gordon Stan Getz Art Blakey Sonny Rollins Betty Carter Tito Puente

Image Map Miles Davis Charles Mingus Rahsaan Roland Kirk Cecil Taylor Ornette Coleman Sun Ra Pharoah Sanders World Saxophone Quartet Art Ensemble of Chicago William Parker

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Need a photo of a jazz musician?
Please link to my PAGE LISTING MUSICIANS and others whom I have photographed.

Photo Sales - I have a PayPal Account with a Payment Link Established! Please link to my
PAGE with info on photo availability.


Bill Shoemaker’s non-profit organization, Frederick Experimental Music Association (FEMA) has an impressive music series underway and has produced a T-shirt for a fundraiser featuring a photo that I took of Lester Bowie at the Bowie-Thomas Family Reunion concert at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, Maryland on August 16, 1995.

The T-shirt will be available at the performances. For the schedule and more information, click on the photo.

A NEW BOOK by Curt Bianchi, Elegant People: A History of the Band WEATHER REPORT

is available now at many retailers. It uses a few of my photos, and features this photo of Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter opposite the start of the Introduction:

The book is well researched by Curt, who interviewed or corresponded with over eighty individuals connected with the band, including nearly all of the musicians who performed with Weather Report. Curt created the the web site for Weather Report. Click on the book cover image to access the site and more information.

NEW 7-CD Box Set Julius Hemphill: The Boyé Multi-National Crusade for Harmony
was released by New World Recods.

These never previously issued recordings were curated by saxophonist Marty Ehrlich and are culled from the Julius Hemphill Archive at NYU. This magnicicent set includes sevearal photos of mine, including:

Click on the cover image to access the site for the full liner notes, samples, and more information.


Kidd Jordan, Joel Futterman, William Parker, and Hamid Drake

The remarkable set at the June 2019 Vision Festival. Photos by me and others were projected
behind the band during the performance. I provided all the photos used in this CD package
wonderfully designed by Chad Anderson.

Available from Mahakala Music or Bandcamp.

NEW CD - SPIRITS (Available Soon)

The Trio of Kidd Jordan, Joel Futterman and Alvin Fielder

New on Silkheart, Recorded April 26, 1997
Studio Session, New Orleans, LA, total time 59:33
Michael Wilderman Photography and Production assistance


Kidd Jordan's Alvin Fielder Tribute Band

performed June 12, 2019 during the Vision Festival at Roulette in Brooklyn, NY, with:
Kidd Jordan - tenor sax, Joel Futterman - piano, William Parker - bass and Hamid Drake - drums

Kidd Jordan led this emotional tribute to Alvin Fielder, drummer, pharmacist, founding AACM member, his long-time musical partner and our friend. Kidd and Alvin formed a trio with pianist Joel Futterman; and with William Parker performed as the Creative Collective for over twenty years. Photos by me and others were projected behind the band during the performance. Kidd's poured his heart out for this incredible performance. A CD of this amazing show is in preparation by Mahakala Music ( and should be released soon.

alvin-fielder-tribute-6-12-2019-vf kidd jordan-6-12-2019
joel-futterman-kidd-jordan-6-12-2019-vf kidd-jordan-michael-wilderman-6-12-2019b-vf

Andrew Cyrille was honored on June 11th and organized an evening of percussion, chants, saxophone duos,
dancing and electronic art. Here with legendary percussionist Milford Graves.

andrew-cyrille-with-milford garaves-6-11-2019-vf

The 24th Vision Festival ran June 11th to June 16th. The annual festival is a most ambitious presentation of progressive music, art, dance and poetry. Click HERE to see the full festival schedule.

The passing of Alvin Fielder January 5, 2019 ended the creative run of the Kidd Jordan-Joel Futterman-Alvin Fielder Trio, but Kidd and Joel carry on. Together these three sympathetic artists had brought listening and interacting to a new level. They were dedicated to spontaneous in-the-moment improvisation based on their skilled abilities. In memory of Alvin, I created an album/slideshow containing a chronolgy of my photographs of Alvin. I added the album to the top of an updated page which featured the Trio member, Kidd, Joel and Alvin. Click on this LINK or the photo to connect to the page.


Five more web album/slideshows with my photographs of Kidd Jordan, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, the DC Jazz Scene, photos from 1970s performances produced by Keystone Korner, San Francisco and images of CD covers using my photos:

Click on images

Art Ensemble Album DC Jazz Album
Keystone Korner Jazz Album CD Covers Album
Kidd Jordan Album

Washington, DC Jazz book

From Arcadia Press, authors Dr. Regennia N. Williams and Rev. Dr. Sandra Truesdale

DC Jazz book cover

Forty four of my photographs appear in this new picture book that came out this year,
some of which can be seen in my web album DC Jazz Scene.

The book is available from various sellers, including Barnes & Noble


Hamiet Bluiett Celebration 12-9-2018 at Bill Warrell's Firehouse. I organized a digital slideshow.

The 23rd VISION FESTIVAL began May 23, 2018 honoring the great pianist Dave Burrell,
including a reunion quartet with legendary saxophonist Archie Shepp, with William Parker and Hamid Drake.
The concert also featured a Burrell ensemble with Kidd Jordan, James Brandon Lewis, William Parker and Andrew Cyrille

The quartet with a background projection of my photo from 1973.

My photos of Archie Shepp and Dave Burrell, July 1973 in Central Park, the Newport in NY Festival.

Kidd Jordan group at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, April 29, 2018


I provided the photography, graphics, and layout for Joel Futterman's CD Recording - PATHWAYS

This is a dynamic solo performance in which Joel stretched and explored the resonance and sonorities of a great piano.
You can click on the image to visit his website and hear a sample, but please return.

I designed the cover for the 2018 duo CD by Joel and Avreeayl Ra.

On September 24, 2017 during the DC Alley Museum’s Alley-Oop Festival, the addition of murals was celebrated with music and the Art Ensemble of Chicago mural by Bill Warrell and Captain.Izabella.Sparrow (based on my photographs of the Art Ensemble members) was dedicated.

At the dedication - Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Me, Bill Warrell with the scissors, Jim Duckworth, other artists and officials.
Thanks to Julianne Brienza for her taking this photo for me.

The Art Ensemble photos associated with the mural can be seen on the web gallery I created in tribute to the Art Ensemble and in collaboration with this project. Please click on the images to see the web gallery.

The exhibit of Bill Warrell's paintings and my photographs at Capital Fringe ended in June. A dedication of the Sun Ra Arkestra mural (based on my photos) will be announced.

The photos show our photo/painting collaborations for Hamiet Bluiett, Lester Bowie & the Art Ensemble, and Don Pullen. Also photos of Sun Ra, DC artists, and other masters performing in the DC area.

Thanks to Lisa Marie Thalhammer for the photo of Bill and me.

2017 Vision Festival ended June 3, 2017. I was there for the great last two nights. I heard Kidd Jordan, Dave Burrell, Cooper-Moore, William Parker, Ivo Perelman, Mat Maneri, Steve Swell, Daniel Carter, Rosie Hertlein, Andrew Cyrille, David Murray, Joe McPhee, Matthew Shipp, Oliver Lake, BassDrumBone, Oluyemi Thomas, Hamid Drake, Tony Malaby, and more. Spectacular offerings!

June 4th there was an amazing Tribute to Hamiet Bluiett at Randall Memorial Church on 137th Street in NYC. In addition to James Carter and Oliver Lake (seen below) were Pheeroan akLaff, Kelvyn Bell, Cooper-Moore, Craig Harris' Saints & Aints Brass Choir, DD Jackson, Kidd Jordan, William Parker, Antoine Roney, Kojo Roney, Quincy Troupe, Matthew Whitaker, and James Jabbo Ware's Me We Them Orchestra.

I attended four nights of VISION 21 - The VISION FESTIVAL in mid-June 2016 at Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village, NYC

It was a great festival, in addition to Connie Crothers, Kidd Jordan, Mike Reed, Wadada Leo Smith, and Cooper Moore, (above) I also photographed and enjoyed Hamid Drake, Steve Swell, Joel Futterman, Alvin Fielder, Rob Brown, Dave Liebman, Jason Kao Hwang , Fay Victor, Reggie Nicholson , Matthew Shipp, Dave Liebman, Harrison Bankhead, Dave Burrell, Jemeel Moondoc, William Hooker, and so many more plus Poets, dancers and other Visual Artists!

On November 19, 2016 the Sun Ra Arkestra reappeared in Washington, DC at the Logan Fringe Arts Space. Bill Warrell's politcal paintings were on exhibit as a stark reminder of the times. Seen below are the Arkestra, me and Bill, and the indefatigible Marshall Allen.

I provided the cover photographs and design for The Question, A New Book by Joel Futterman. I also helped format and edit the text of this unique volume. Check it out.

Pianist Joel Futterman's creative energies have burst forth in this unusual and compelling volume. Joel's empathy for humanity is paramount. For a world with great economic disparities, and in social, political, and spiritual turmoil; Joel provides a series of dialogues of questions and parables that advance the search for inner and outer peace. The Question could be the answer.

The Question is available by direct purchase (click) from Joel's web site.

The Reflection CD release by pianist Joel Futterman ia a two-CD set of 2014 solo recordings demonstrating Joel's multiple musical perspectives. I provided the photo/graphic and did the layout for the package.

Marc Medwin wrote:
If his Creation series is a compendium of his pianistic techniques, Reflection distills and augments them, documenting the continued development of a master technician, a probing intellect and a spirit whose adventurousness and creativity know no boundaries and who accepts only the freedom that comes from music born of dedication and created in the moment.

Reflection I & II


Unfortunately, the Jazz T-shirts with my photos are once again unavailable. The Delta Haze company that took over for Gear,Ink. has stopped production for the foreseeable future. You can still click HERE to see the images.

My links page has been updated with additions.

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